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Immortal Randy Rhoads - The Ultimate Tribute

Ultimate Randy Rhoads

IMMORTAL RANDY RHOADS – THE ULTIMATE TRIBUTE to be released by UDR Records worldwide on March 2015. A collection of 11 classic Rhoads co-written songs, IMMORTAL RANDY RHOADS – THE ULTIMATE TRIBUTE is performed by twenty top contemporary artists, including old friends and performing partners Rudy Sarzo and Frankie Banali, his Brother Kelle Rhoads and more designated musicians like Serj Tankiann, Tom Morello, Vinny Appice, Tim (Ripper) Owens, Chuck Billy, Alexi Laiho, George Lynch, Gus G., Bruce Kulick, Doug Aldrich, Dweezil Zappa and others.              

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Don't Miss the Bootleg Encyclopedia

Don't forget to check out the "Bootleg Encyclopedia" if you're looking to see the complete list of known Randy Rhoads bootlegs during his time with Ozzy Osbourne. Complete with a sample cilp, set list, grading from best to worst quality, and a comment or two on each, its a great way to have a checklist as you complete your collection. Of course if you have any hidden away that are missing on the list do please let us know!


Randy Rhoads Family Suing Filmmakers Over Unauthorized Book

Ah, the life of a Randy Rhoads fan. There's been more politics and red tape than you can shake a stick at. I think a lot of it boils down to so many fans just wanting to be the "Ultimate RR Fan Authority" blah blah blah. It's what took the fun out of the forum community years ago. There's always been so much difficulty in either getting anything from Randy released, or getting the fans to not behave like nutcases at times. This not really so much being one of the ladder cases, I just really wanted to get that out there. I digress. Click the link below to read more.


Interview with Andrew Klein

Randy Rhoads Book


Interview with Randy Rhoads’ Biographer


For 30 years, Randy Rhoads fans have been left to ponder what the beloved guitarist might have gone on to achieve, had he not died tragically in a plane crash in 1982. Andrew Klein can’t answer that question, but he can authoritatively address nearly any other subject related to Rhoads’ life and career. Working with veteran music scribe Steven Rosen and former Rhoads guitar student Peter M. Margolis, Klein has just published a 400-plus-page coffee table book — titled, simply, Randy Rhoads — that teems with insights from those who knew Rhoads best. Fleshed out with hundreds of rare photos, the book presents a portrait of a virtuoso guitarist whose six-string wizardry was matched by a humble spirit and a deep affection for those in his inner circle. In this first installment of a two-part interview, Klein talks about Rhoads’ relationship with Ozzy Osbourne, his eclectic musical tastes and why he continues to be such a revered figure.

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From - VIDEO: Randy Rhoads – The Quiet Riot Years preview

Randy Rhoads Quiet Riot Years Preview

(Looks like there's another book in the works I didn't mention in the previous post. So much cool stuff coming out now after plenty of years of fans kicking and screaming.)

From -

“Randy Rhoads: The Quiet Riot Years” is a new book from Quiet Riot's personal photographer/lighting director Ron Sobol.

Enhanced by a collection of Sobol‘s photographs along with singer Kevin DuBrow’s personal memorabilia, the photo journal captures Quiet Riot’s journey to superstardom, a story that first began on March 3, 1975 when Dubrow first met Rhoads.

In words and rare, unpublished photographs, the book brings readers inside Randy and Kevin's struggle to make it out of Hollywood and onto the world's stages.

“Randy Rhoads: The Quiet Riot Years” comes with a 90-minute DVD documentary with multiple bonus features. Among those features are highlights from a never-before-heard Randy Rhoads guitar lesson.

The film offers a behind-the-scenes portrait of two close friends as they embark on an uphill quest for stardom. Using previously unseen images, rare video footage and period music, along with new and classic interviews, the movie chronicles the five year period (1975-1980) that Sobol worked with the band.

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This oughtta be Interesting...New Randy Rhoads Book

New Randy Rhoads Book from Velocity Publishing

New Randy Rhoads Book from Velocity Publishing

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If I'm counting correctly, we have 2 books currently, and two tentative. "Off the Rails" by Rudy Sarzo,  "Crazy Train" by Joel McIver, and then the one mentioned in the post below, "You Can't Kill Rock N' Roll" followed by "Randy Rhoads," from Velocity Publishing.

(Edit, I'm also hearing about a Bob Daisley Book as well now..., and I also forgot the previous "A Life" Book)

Not that I could possibly get Randy Rhoads Book fatique, I'm just a little out of the loop these passed few years, so I'm catching up. It seems like in the passed 10 years or so the flood gates have slowley started dripping out more info that makes the 80's and 90's memorabilia look like next to nothing - Some old VHS tapes, a handful of Guitar magazines... I know I always say it but I'm very appreciated of those in the online community, before "Web 2.0," that created their sites and shared the information and I think thats where it really all started.

Now if we could see where that pesky documentary is at... Years back in its infancy I had originally built a site for it. Not even sure whats going on with anything anymore. Did get to have some interesting conversations with Peter Margolis out of it all at least.

Ah well, enough blabbering. Metal Matt, signing off.

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